The government responded to this petition when it received 10,000 signatures. Unfortunately, the government’s response was so inaccurate and selective that it appears to represent a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.  There are four key inaccuracies in the government response:

(1)The response claims that recent experience in Gloucestershire, Somerset, and Dorset has shown that licensed culling “is safe, humane and effective in reducing the number of badgers needed to bring down disease levels in cattle”. This statement conflicts sharply with the available evidence. An Independent Expert Panel (IEP) established by Defra to evaluate the first year of culling concluded that the free shooting approach did not meet their standards for humaneness1. When a second year of culling yielded no evidence of improvement, the British Veterinary Association called for free shooting to be abandoned2. Ministers responded by simply stating that “we don’t agree”3. The government’s claim that licensed culling is “humane” is thus not shared by respected authorities on animal welfare.

Likewise, evidence indicates that the culls have not been “effective in reducing the number of badgers”. Defra has repeatedly stated an intention to reduce badger numbers by at least 70%, relative to their pre-cull levels, acknowledging that failing to do so would risk increasing cattle TB rather than reducing it4. The IEP concluded that the first culls fell far short of that aim1. Since then, Defra has reiterated its aim of reducing badger numbers by “at least 70%”, while quietly setting targets with only a slim possibility of achieving this aim5. Defra’s claim that the culls are “effective” is thus not consistent with available evidence.

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The advancement of man has seen us walk on the moon and fly by Jupiter to look for new life, yet we destroy the very life that supports the planet we currently inhabit. 

Wildlife has been on this planet for hundreds of millions of years and co-existed with its prey and its predators. The flora and fauna that exists has created a world that humans could evolve in; a little more than 20 thousand years ago, humans appeared in our current form. 

On a clock face of the history of our planet, we arrived at around two seconds before midnight, yet the devastation we have caused is immeasurable and, I can only hope, reversible. It is the Anthropocene age (the age of man) and we should not be proud. We have removed species at an ever increasing rate. We give lip service to tick box legislations, that allows the removal of wildlife habitats for human ventures, yet offers no alternative. It is sentencing wild animals to a slow and painful, but sure death.  

Our 17 species of UK bats have life expectancies of 15 - 40 years. They learn directly from their parents where it is safe, where to feed and where to hibernate; over generations the colony grows stronger through that accumulated knowledge. If you remove the habitat they will be destroyed and generations of survival knowledge will be removed along with it. This applies to all our species as we destroy habitats all over the UK with no second thought for its inhabitants - the majority do not just relocate. 

The Anthropocene age is with us and is devastating our wildlife. It is up to us to fight for the protection of animals and to unite in the common goal. We must reduce the impact we have made to the planet and that time to fight is now. 

Don’t curse the darkness, make that one change in your life now. We partnered good friend Louis Psihoyos in his shocking film ‘Racing Extinction’. We are in the Anthropocene age (the age of man) and it’s still in mans power to change our future but you must act today… Watch this film, be shocked and make that change NOW. 

Anne Brummer

CEO Save Me Trust 



 Eat less meat 


Don’t curse the darkness, light one candle


The last frog 


Time is running out 


Saturday 22nd  October 2016

Just a word or two to say thanks so much for all your lovely words and wishes dear folks.

I got myself in a very depleted state and have taken the decision now to clear my diary of everything until the end of the year. I'm leaving today on a big steel bird to spend some time recharging in a safe place. Need to turn off the phones and media for a while.

Apologies to everyone involved in the things I will miss. I have to get away and prioritise healing - sometimes there is no choice.

Bless ya all.

Love Bri


Friday  21st  October  2016

Brian and Kerry Christmas Concert Tour 2016 

We’re very sad today to announce the indefinite postponement of our ‘candlelight’ concert dates this coming December.  This is a decision I’ve agonized over, but in the end it has become inevitable. I managed to complete the recent Queen and Adam Lambert dates in Asia but I have been increasingly battling with a persistent illness which is destroying my energy and my will.  

I am now at the point where I don’t feel confident to perform the scheduled shows to the standard we all expect. I’ve been strongly advised to rest and heal, rather than go out and risk ‘falling down on the job’ out there, which would be a real tragedy. I’m convinced it’s much better taking the step to cancel the dates now, refunding the fans for the ticket sales, and giving all our team a chance to re-plan their time in December.   

Sincere apologies to all. 



Friday  21st  October  2016


Brian and Kerry Christmas Concert Tour 2016

Brian May and Kerry Ellis today announced with great regret the indefinite postponement of their December concert dates in the UK. May and Ellis were set to perform 11 ‘Candlelight Concerts’ in the three weeks leading up to Christmas. Apologizing to fans through a personal message posted on his official website, ( Queen’s Brian May explains that he is fighting ‘a persistent illness which is destroying my energy and my will’, and doesn’t feel confident to perform the shows to the standard expected.

May comments: “I’m gutted to have to pull out - I hate letting our loyal fans down. But the advice I have had is that I must take time off to heal, rather than go out on tour again and risk falling down on the job, which would be much worse.”

Kerry Ellis comments: "Brian is a dear friend of mine and obviously his health must come first. I was so looking forward to touring the UK again with Brian. I know so many of you had bought tickets for an early Christmas treat, and I am truly sorry that we are letting so many of you down. But we will be back next year for sure, with new music for you all to hear.”

A consolation for disappointed fans is a newly recorded studio album from May and Ellis, titled ‘Anthems II’, which is scheduled for release in March.

All tickets already purchased are fully refundable at point of purchase.

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Brian May compared Japan's Bloody Cove dolphin slaughter to slavery ... Dr May has now added his voice to the calls for the Taiji horror show ...
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9 hours ago - TOKYO (AP) — Brian May, guitarist of British rock group Queen, ... trainer for the " Flipper" TV series, started the protests against the Taiji dolphin kill, ..... Brown gives Kesha a voice amid legal battles with Dr Luke following rape ...

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25 Jan 2016 - DrBrian May (@DrBrianMay) January 22, 2016. But it is their business. .... Breaking: Two Species of Dolphins Brutally Captured in Taiji's Hunts.
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Queen guitarist Brian May protests Japanese dolphin hunts
9 hours ago - Brian May, guitarist of British rock group Queen, is taking a stand against ... Protesting the dolphin hunts in the Japanese town of Taiji, ... that Dr. Mirza Rajabali Virani, 67, may not practise medicine for the next eight months.
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2 days ago - TOKYO – Brian May, guitarist of British rock group Queen, is taking a stand against Japanese dolphin ... Protesting the dolphin hunts in the Japanese town of Taiji, documented in the .... Landmark 6, 10015 Manning Ave.

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Guitarrista de Queen protesta por caza de delfines en Japón | POSTA
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58 mins ago - Brian May, guitarrista del grupo británico de rock Queen, se posicionó ... in support of the Dolphin Project, to end slaughter of Dolphins in Taiji.

Queen guitarist Brian May protests Taiji dolphin hunts

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Queen guitarist Brian May protests Taiji dolphin hunts Brian May, guitarist of British rock group Queen, speaks during an interview in Tokyo, Friday.



Queen's Brian May Speaks Out Against Dolphin Hunts

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Queen guitarist Brian May protests Japanese dolphin hunts


TOKYO – Brian May, guitarist of British rock group Queen, is taking a stand against Japanese dolphin killing, saying the slaughter of animals should ...




Queen guitarist Brian May protests Japanese dolphin hunts


TOKYO (AP) — Brian May, guitarist of British rock group Queen, is taking a stand against Japan's dolphin killing, saying the slaughter of animals ...

Queen guitarist Brian May protests Japanese dolphin hunts - Washington Post

Queen guitarist Brian May protests Japanese dolphin hunts - The Seattle Times

Queen guitarist Brian May protests Japanese dolphin hunts - Washington Times


... Dr. Hayato Sakurai, Curator .

We want a total ban on ‘Third Party Sales of Puppies and kittens‘ to bring an end to puppy & kitten farming.

Approximately 1.5 million dogs  are sold in pet shops and they are most likely from puppy farms. Almost half the people who buy a puppy never see the mum. Puppies  and kittens are mostly bred on farms in awful conditions, many from sick and injured mums. Around one in five puppies bought from pet shops or the internet suffer from parvovirus; an often fatal disease which can cost up to £4,000 to treat.

If you don't buy them, they can’t do this……………don't complete the cycle. Ask #WheresMum

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”It goes without saying that the import of animal body parts as trophies should be banned outright by the British Government. I'm really shocked that they haven't already done it, in truth, the whole world should do it.” Dr. Brian May Founder of The Save Me Trust.

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Blood on the Moors - The inglorious 12th

The season for red grouse shooting starts today. Tens of thousands of red grouse will be shot over the next two months covering the Moors of Britain in rivers of blood.

The shooting estates claim that grouse shooting is a traditional field sport but that isn’t true. The claim is similar to that made by the Countryside Alliance to defend fox hunting, but grouse shooting has a terrible impact on the environment and other wildlife to the cost of every taxpayer and 70% of the nation’s homes.

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On Tuesday 26th April 2016, Dr Brian May and Anne Brummer launched a joint campaign to save Britain's hedgehogs in Portcullis House, London. The campaign is called #AmazingGrace in honour of Grace a rescue hedgehog that came into Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue last autumn, underweight and suffering from 'fly-strike' in a deep wound to her neck.

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In 2015, Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon announced her government would hold a review of the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002. In December, it was confirmed that the review would be led by Lord Bonomy with a consultation process starting in February and finishing by the end of March.

As part of the Team Fox coalition of wildlife groups, The Save Me Trust agreed to submit to the consultation, working closely in conjunction with the League Against Cruel Sports (Scotland) and a wide range of local groups based in Scotland who have detailed information on the antics of Scottish hunt packs.

Our submission suggested three main changes to the current act. They are:

1. Reduce the number of dogs allowed to ‘flush to guns’ to a maximum of two. 

2. Introduce a “recklessness” clause to the Act. This would stop Scottish hunts adopting ‘Trail Hunting’ which is viewed by Hunts in England and Wales as a short term solution to keep the infrastructure of Hunts intact, whilst they seek repeal of the English & Welsh Hunting Act. 

3. Introduce a vicarious liability clause to the Act. Scotland has taken the lead on the introduction of this, in respect of the protection of raptors and we believe that extending the clause to include wild mammals would reduce the possibilities of illegal hunting immediately. Landowners will seriously consider their responsibilities and the hunts previous conduct before granting access to their land. We further believe that many private estates do not benefit or support hunting but allow it to continue as it is the line of least resistance. Landowners should have the support of the law to stop any illegal hunting on their land whilst accepting their culpability should they allow a hunt do so illegally.

It is our strong belief that the introduction of the three clauses above would have an immediate and devastating impact for those who wish to hunt illegally with hounds. We further believe that Scotland led the UK with the introduction of the protection of Wild Mammal Act 2002 and the timely review of the operation of the act. This will provide the opportunity to again lead whilst demonstrating to England and Wales that the overwhelming majority of the British public (84% in the LACS Poll of December 2015) want to see hunting of wild mammals with dogs banned completely throughout the UK.

The Save Me Trust are aware of a series of horrific incidents. We are primarily concerned with wild animals but feel that this case is so appalling and local that we should support finding this barbaric killer of animals.

Please contact us with any information that you may have.

Grace was found with a neck wound. She was treated for fly strike (myiasis) and her deep cut cleaned. Some of the fly eggs were found inside her mouth. Fly eggs can hatch into maggots just eight hours after being laid and immediately start feeding on their host. In nature, this process is essential to remove dead and decaying wildlife from the environment, but on a live animal it is usually fatal. Nature is harsh but effective.

Grace recovered with the usual fight we see from hoglets. They are strong and stoic and fight against most adversities. 

At the rescue we have treated hedgehogs for over 30 years and during that time the reason for admission has changed dramatically. Hedgehogs are extremely susceptible to lungworm due to its increase in the environment. Gardens have become fortresses, keeping hedgehogs restricted and preventing their roaming to find food, nesting sites and mates, causing small populations to become isolated and more vulnerable to local extinction. 

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We are helping Grace the Hedgehog and her friends as they are in very serious trouble. Grace is one of our rescued hedgehogs and she needs a safe home to be released in. The areas in which we can safely release Grace are dwindling and over the last 30 years we have seen a massive decline in a safe, sustainable environment for Grace and her hedgehog friends.

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The international trade in fur is highly lucrative, with an estimated global value of £10 billion per year. Conservative estimates suggest that each year 40 million animals are killed. Over 85% are bred and killed on fur farms and the rest are trapped in the wild exclusively for their fur. This figure does not include the thousands of millions of rabbits killed for the fur trade.

The most commonly bred animals on fur farms are mink and fox, but the industry also breeds and kills polecats, raccoons, and chinchillas. It is estimated that two million cats and dogs are also killed for their fur. There are 6,500 fur farms in the EU. The European Union is the world’s largest producer of factory farmed fur. Around 30 million mink, 2 million fox and 100,000 raccoon dogs are killed each year in EU fur factory farms. Europe is responsible for 70% of global mink fur production, and 63% of fox fur production. The countries that farm the most animals for their fur are Denmark, China, and Finland.

The fur industry makes its huge profits by keeping production costs down to the bare minimum. On fur farms animals are kept in appalling conditions, crammed into row after row of tiny barren cages, and left to stand on metal bars for their entire lives. For species such as mink and fox, these conditions are especially appalling, as they are wild animals and would naturally travel many miles each day. Being caged in huge sheds, where thousands of other animals are also imprisoned, drives them insane with anxiety and fear, alongside easy transmission of disease. Repetitive movements, such as head-bobbing and circling, are commonplace.

Even the method of slaughter is chosen purely with profit in mind. Animals on fur farms are killed by electrocution (through the use of electrodes in the mouth and anus), gassing, lethal injection or neck breaking. These crude methods are employed to ensure that the pelts (the animals’ skin and fur) are not damaged. These methods are designed only to protect the valuable pelts, without any consideration for the animal’s suffering. However, the barbaric fur industry continues to thrive, fuelled by the increasing consumer demand. The renewed popularity of fur undoubtedly owes much to the expensive propaganda campaign the international fur industry has waged in recent years. Their PR campaign has been very well coordinated and funded, aimed at dispelling the moral stigma attached to wearing fur.

China is the world’s largest exporter of fur clothing and according to industry sources, the biggest fur trade production and processing base in the world.

Supporters of the fur industry often claim that trapping is a tool for wildlife management and conservation. This is untrue. Many species of wild cats such as ocelots, margays and lynx are being driven to the verge of extinction by hunting and trapping. There are under 4,000 snow leopards left in the world. Sea otters were driven to the very edge of extinction and despite protection, their numbers remain very low. The sea mink paid the ultimate price for having a beautiful fur coat – extinction. 

Fur farmers try to insist that the animals are looked after very well and that they do not suffer when they are killed. Yet undercover footage shows time and time again that the animals are going insane from their confinement, endlessly weaving and pacing in their desperation to be free. When they are killed, it often takes a few attempts to break the animals’ necks, as they try to squirm their way out of their executioner’s grip; or, if they are electrocuted, the terror as the electrodes are shoved into their mouth and anus is clear. They cry out whilst their bodies convulse - there can be no doubt that these animals are dying in agony.